About Dan

Dan's story begins when he was born into a home of rescue dogs. Having no brothers and sisters, he grew up along a pack of 4 to 7 dogs. Dan has worked at 3 different dog daycare facilities in 2 different states. Dan has trained dogs from various rescues including Boise Bully Breed Rescue, Idaho Saint Bernard Rescue, Boxer Rescue of Idaho, Paws Rescue, and Pet Adoption League of Gem County. Dan became the head trainer at Emerald Street Kennels where he worked with dogs who had socialization issues. The first time Dan met world renowned dog behavior expert Cesar Millan, was at a "Cesar Millan  Live" show in Boise, Idaho. Dan got to speak to Cesar and his team directly which opened many doors for him. 


Dan's Experience

  Dan's formal training includes apprenticing under John Walton from "John Walton's School for Dogs", working under Steve Del Salvio, owner of Pack Leader Dogs in Hoboken, New Jersey, and completing Training Cesar's Way Fundamentals 1 and 2 which he took at the world famous Dog Psychology Center.