Meet the Pack



 Kenshin was my first dog. I first met Kenshin when he was an Idaho Humane Society rescue dog being fostered at Emerald Street Kennels. I fell in love with Kenshin while he was at the kennel, but he was having behavioral issues with humans as well as other dogs. There were starting to be discussions about euthanizing Kenshin when I received some horrible news. Another dog had horribly attacked him and inflicted severe injuries to his neck. Even a few of his teeth got knocked out! I brought him to the Humane Society Vet and told them to make sure he was not euthanized; that I would adopt him as soon as he recovered. And that's exactly what I did! Kenshin has taught me so much about myself and dogs. Without him I would have never begun my journey of helping dogs with behavioral issues. Kenshin is the definition of a big guy in a small package. Despite all that this tough little guy has been through, he never gives up and his determination has and always will be an inspiration to me!



Jett was Daisy's sister and you can read a little about how he became mine in Daisy's bio below. I often use Jett to help me socialize other dogs. He has a calm demeanor and really is a "dogs dog". His behavior around other dogs is indicative of how dogs would behave if humans weren't in the picture. He allows me to show clients the proper way to introduce dogs to each other to maximize the chances of them having a happy and harmonious life together. Jett is also a very smart and energetic dog who is eager to please. In his spare time Jett loves to perform commands, go on walks, and destroy his favorite toys like Jolly Balls and Planet Dog toys! 



Oh Sandman where do I begin... I first met Sandman when I was doing a class at West Valley Humane Society for volunteers on how to handle difficult shelter dogs. I brought Sandman out and had him off leash with about 30 people. He was a little excited but he did great! One of the volunteers told me that it was always a struggle to get Sandman back in to his kennel so I gave it a shot. Sandman waked right in for me and quite a few people were shocked! Thanks for making me look good Sandman! Lol, but all joking aside, about a week later Sandman got moved to Emerald Street Kennels. My manager had called me and told me that a former Police K9 dog trainer with 25+ years experience had done an assessment on Sandman and determined that he was too aggressive with humans and needed to euthanized. Given my experiences with him the previous week I was very surprised. Emerald Street Kennels decided to adopt Sandman and I began training him. Through working with Sandman I learned that although he did have some excitement issues with people, he was absolutely amazing with dogs. Sandman is a very sensitive dog. This means he can sense a dogs energy and knows exactly how to respond. He has a knack for helping me with aggressive dogs. He knows exactly when to move forward, when to back away, when to play, and when to pull a dog out of his comfort zone. This guy is a pro! Sandman went from the brink of euthanasia to literally helping save countless other dogs lives! 



Daisy was an all white deaf pit bull. She had been abandoned along with her brother Jett. When I first met her she was very kennel stressed. I brought her to my house to foster and train her until she found a home. After living with me for 8 months and having no luck finding an adopter, I adopted her along with her brother, Jett! After I adopted her I brought her to my vet and I found out she had advanced stage cancer that had spread through her whole body. Unfortunately, prior to this I had been following the advice of another vet who told me that her issues were being caused by food allergies. Having terminal cancer and being deaf never slowed Daisy down a day in her life! She lived in the moment and cherished every second she spent on this earth. After losing her she became the mascot for my business and I will always use her memory to continue to help as many dogs as I can throughout my life! Thank you, Daisy!